Digital Marketplaces

Extend your current ranges and push your product proposition even further by adding new ranges. Gain improved customer insights using data analysis from your marketplace sales.

What is a marketplace?

It’s a one-stop shop for products and services

A marketplace is a single webshop that offers products from a selection of vendors like: retailers; distributors; direct from manufacturers. These additional products and ranges can be incremental to an existing webshop or purely just from vendors.

It offers greater convenience

Customers can benefit from a greater choice of products and/or services at the best prices and deals. It’s far easier for them to: compare products; see who sells what; find the best prices and offers; check availability; identify the delivery options; see the service proposition. It simply saves the customer time and effort as it reduces the need for them to trawl across multiple websites.

Facts & Information?

A market place increases customer loyalty and average order value*
90% of consumers said they would purchase again through the same marketplace

Over 80% of consumers agree that market places offer greater convenience*

  • a single location where shoppers are able to fulfil most of their needs
  • they believe market places help them locate hard to find products
  • market places are an ideal single one-stop destination when buying multiple products

Greater engagement*
over 50% of shoppers are buying from a market place 3 or more times per month Retailers who add a market place to their ecommerce offering*:

  • gain more customers
  • meet more demand
  • gain additional revenue

What can a marketplace do for you?

Greater customer engagement

Match the needs of your existing plus new customers

Acquire new customers

Gain substantially more SEO traffic; prevent missed sales; expand into new categories

Additional data insights

New subscribers with cross category insights for greater data mining opportunities

Improved brand loyalty

An enhanced and greater transparent proposition increases trust and loyalty and increases return visits

Incremental sales & profit

Additional sales and profit from new categories and previous missed sales

Innovative approach

Be at the forefront of ecommerce and ensure that you keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the millennials

The types of marketplaces?

There are two types of marketplace. The classic marketplace and the affiliate marketplace. Each type has its pro’s and cons and can depend on the business goals and strategy.

It can be advantageous to start with the affiliate marketplace as it’s quick and easy to implement. This can also be a good choice if you want more insights and experience before or prior to embarking on the classic model.

Classic marketplace

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Affiliate marketplace

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