What is an affiliate marketplace?

From a customer perspective there is little to no difference between a classic or affiliate marketplace. The affiliate marketplace is the lesser known but it’s becoming an increasingly popular option due to the simplicity and speed to start-up with little to no integration required.

The affiliate marketplace is far more common within the travel sector and Ryanair Rooms is a good example. This is where a third party provides the products and/or services, e.g. hotels.com, but the front-end website is branded with the Ryanair Rooms look and feel. The user experience is, to all intents and purposes, as though the customer is using the Ryanair website.

In this scenario the marketplace receives commissions, for the products and services that have been sold, direct from the partner providing the service.

Easy simple steps?

  1. Decide which product ranges you wish to offer on your marketplace. The current options include: electricals; baby and children; toys; computing; gaming; communications (phones and broadband); health & beauty; gifts
  2. (These ranges can be extensions of your existing ranges, complimentary and natural extensions of your existing ranges or something totally new, you decide).
  3. Work with our creative team for your tailored front-end look and feel. The marketplace site can be branded exactly to your requirements.
  4. On your existing website create a marketplace landing page. This will include links direct to the marketplace.
  5. Decide and identify where you wish to include other links e.g. top menu; other landing pages; product listings; product pages
  6. Work with our team to pull together your unique and exclusive marketplace promotional and marketing communications plan

Key benefits

  • You can leverage your existing customers to drive traffic to the marketplace to drive incremental sales
  • The market place site is designed to work in parallel to your existing site
  • It operates independently from your primary store and is managed by us
  • No additional complicated development needed, any level of integration is dependent on you
  • Sales are made directly with the seller stores and you receive a commission based on the value of the confirmed sale
  • Customer data is either owned or shared with you (dependent on the solution you choose)
  • Helps your price competitive position as the marketplace is often seen as the cheapest
  • Enhanced brand perception: This leads to an improved brand perception

Did you know that our affiliate marketplace solution has over 500,000 products that you could be selling and earning additional revenue from?

Do you have an affiliate website?

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