We Do eCommerce.

We will help you with your eCommerce business.

What can we do for you?


We do two different types of marketplaces: classic and affiliate.

Magento Dev.

We can develop single functionalities or build a shop from scratch.

Design & UX

We do graphic-designs, mockups and We can help with UX improvements.


We do integrations between systems. We can integrate everything.


We offer dedicated hosting with full 24h support of Administrators.


We can audit your business and give you report what can be improved.

Do you have an affiliate website?

Have you considered maximising your sales by allowing customers to buy direct from your site rather than re-directing to the advertiser? Don’t miss out on possibly the biggest single change you can make to improve your commission earnings!

Why should you choose us?

Working with us you can lift the web reputation of your company higher than ever. We can offer you all advantages of modern marketing and development.

Working with professionals

Our team have worked on and with many companies. These include: Currys, Dixons, T-Mobile, Smyk, Auchan, Tesco and many others.

Full range of ecommerce services

We can do everything for you. We have resources that can do all projects from scratch or can help you with single business areas.

Full business understanding

We are more than just software company. Our people fully understand business needs and business processes within company.

Become a marketplace

A marketplace is a single webshop that offers products from a selection of vendors like: retailers; distributors; direct from manufacturers.